Restorative Yoga is a professional service that comes to you! Invite colleagues, friends and family for adaptive lessons hosted in your home or office by Yoga Alliance Registered and insured yoga teacher Lydia Tedder. With over ten years of experience as a yoga practitioner and over 585 hours of formal training with Registered Yoga Schools, she will nurture your inner strength and guide you into safe and appropriate posture and breathing techniques that will fill your life with vitality. The perfect way to enjoy an innovative family fun night, de-stress a wedding party before the big day, or simply connect with good friends, Restorative Yoga will help you achieve peace of mind at the convenience of your own schedule. 

Restorative Yoga will provide mats and props for as many as a half-dozen students per class. Yogis are encouraged to own a personal yoga mat to feel at home on.



                                                                      The benefits of a regular yoga practice include but are not limited to:

 Balance ~ Strength ~ Flexibility ~ Mental stability ~ Emotional harmony ~ Increased enthusiasm ~ Fulfilling relationships ~ Accomplishment!